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Powerful Tool For Managing Your Business

Trusted, provider-focused platform designed to ease up your life!

ALFIS is a platform designed to help Assisted Living Facilities to manage their administrative processes, from paperwork, medications, training for their employees, and reminders to collaboration with other ALFs and easy-to-access storage for all the facility's paperwork. ALFIS focuses on helping the administrative staff of the facilities with their tasks with a safe, easy-to-use, and understandable interface, making the processes more efficient and manageable.


Paperwork can be exhausting, but your best colleague ALFIS is here to make things easier. Create, fill and sign LIC reports for each resident. It’s user-friendly and precise. Never miss a deadline and always be prepared with ALFIS on your side.


The long list of medications that need to be ordered can be overwhelming, especially when the items on the list are constantly growing and changing. ALFIS will help you be more organized and save time, money, and energy. It’s easy to use - just write the RX number.

My Documents

Store and manage all the facility paperwork for employees, residents and more with ALFIS. With ALFIS documents you can create, fill and make changes to all your paperwork while keeping it stored in a single, secure, place, allowing you to access it at any time - from anywhere, on your phone or laptop.


Providing a healthy and balanced meal for each resident is an essential part of the work of each ALF, but behind it all there is a lot of organizing involved. Part of ALFIS is a shopping planner where you can create lists of products and quantities. We also added a feature where you can choose a preferable market which the items need to be bought from.


Share and create classes, keep track of your employees progress and grant your own certificates through ALFIS. Having highly trained staff in your facility has never been easier to accomplish.


Check pre-generated lists to keep track of the facility schedule and performance. You can go on with your daily tasks with ALFIS help, tracking the completion of all the tasks on your daily schedule while also being reminded of other tasks to keep the facility running smoothly every day.


There is no need to remember or use a notebook to write things down when ALFIS is here! This tool will remember it for you and help you concentrate on more important things. Save energy and, of course, save time


Using ALFIS for your facility gives you an extra feature - a connection with other ALFs. Create a family and help each other out to work better and gain new customers. Each facility can send announcements about things that are of common interest, such as courses, new and interesting topics, regulations, etc. Also, if one facility is full but has been contacted about a new resident, it can refer them to the others in the ALFIS family.

Benefits of Using the Software

Easy-to-use interface

Order medications easily from anywhere

Cost-effective administrative solution

Make changes to any documentation at any time

Resident’s documentation storage forever

Get reminders in your email inbox

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